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How to Find Us

We are located at 47 Maple Street, Burlington, VT 05401, also known as Karma Bird House. Our entrance is down the alley between Karma Bird House and the apartment building next door, third door on the right.

When to Find Us

We are open Wednesday through Friday 2pm - 7pm, and 12pm-5pm Saturday and Sunday. 

We also offer private accessibility hours held in store or virtually. Accessibility hours are for folks who need or prefer to shop privately due to physical disability, neurodivergency, past trauma, or any other reason. Please book at this link. We'll be in touch to talk through any accommodations that would make your shopping appointment more comfortable.

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Where to Park

Free street parking is available on the opposite side of Maple Street, and metered street parking is available on Battery Street and at Perkins Pier.

Accessible parking for folks with physical disabilities is available behind the building in a designated parking spot in the large lot.

And bike racks are available right inside our entrance.

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