Be One - a vibrator that rests between your fingers, heightening sensation and pleasure wherever you touch

Midnight Massage Candle - a fusion of Cuban tobacco flower, bergamot, oak and a splash of sparkling grapefruit, this scent will arouse your senses, either as a candle, or massage oil


This set comes in a single box but is not pre-packaged as a gift.

Touch Set

  • Return to the pleasure of touch with the Be One vibrator from Fun Factory and the Midnight Massage Candle from Olivia's Boudoir. Begin your adventure lighting the Midnight candle, bringing a heady scent of Cuban tobacco flower, bergamot, oak and a splash of sparkling grapefruit to your romp. Allow the candle to melt to the outer edge of the glass. Extinguish the flame, dip into the liquid pool of warm oil and drizzle the warm oil onto your partner’s skin for a sensual massage.

    Once you and your lover(s) are soft and supple, turn on the Be One to add another dimension to your play and titillation. The Be One vibe can be used anywhere on the body, and is especially arousing used in any erogneous zone.