VeDO Inu Vibrator - the perfectly curved form and silky smooth silicone is designed to provide vagina-owners with targeted and deeply satisfying pleasures, and can also be used externally for additional delights

Good Clean Love BioNude Lube - scientifically formulated for the most sensitive tissue ensuring ideal performance with no irritation or adverse reactions

Sex for One by Betty Dodson - the classic encouraging and joyful guide to masturbation for female-bodied folks


This set comes in a single box but is not pre-packaged as a gift.

Self-Love Set - For Vagina-Owners

  • Looking for a little somethin' somethin' for your lover or yourself? This gift set is perfect for anyone looking to please their body and their brain. In each set you'll get a toy, a body safe lube, and a book on bodies and pleasure. Learn how to love yourself, and then enjoy new and satisfying sensations for years to come. 

    Choose between a set for vagina-owners or penis-owners.