Insertable Length: 5.75"
Item Diameter: 1.65"
Item Height: 8.19"
Materials: 100% Medical-grade Silicone

Vibration Levels: 7

Vibration Patterns: 3

Magnetic Rechargeable


Fun Factory Stronic G

  • First in Fun Factory's Stronic II collection, the Stronic G is designed to target the G-spot and give it exactly the kind of thrusting, pulsing sensations it craves. With a serious curve and a firm tip, the Stronic G is perfect for hitting that spot just right. Plus, its rhythmic thrusts provide exactly the kind of massage that experts recommend for deepening and strengthening an orgasm. Made of medical-grade silicone and fully waterproof, this lighter and slimmer version of the original Stronics opens up a whole new world to innovative Stronic technology. Includes 7 speeds, 3 rhythms, easy-to-use buttons, magnetic recharging and a firm tip.