Eros + Arch, a woman-owned small business based in Vermont, draws at the idea that us humans are vessels of energy whose actions, words, thoughts, and choices directly contribute to our own inner landscape and our outer landscape. Each person is a bridge that has the ability to connect to a higher power(s) - however you view and practice it - and therefore contributes to what actualizes on earth. By choosing to use products whose ingredients organically occur in nature, we can harness and harmonize both of these energies, the cosmic energy and earth energy, to create a little more consciousness on our planet.

Eros + Arch Juniper Grapefruit Candle

  • 4 oz of grounding and cheerful ambiance. This soy candle is scented with therapeutic grade essential oils of juniper and grapefruit, allowing a sense of calm and levity to arise when you burn it. Imagine walking through a citrus grove that has juniper trees too.