Dark Desires VT is a Vermont based producer of jute shibari rope, custom leather goods, and custom paddles.  Owned and operated by a kinky couple, they use and enjoy the products they sell, and hope they bring you as much fun as they bring to Dark Desires.  You can find Dark Desires on instagram at @darkdesiresvt.

Dark Desires Rope Wax

  • Dark Desires' rope wax is a mixture of beeswax and mineral oil in a 50/50 mixture.  The mineral oil is food grade and the beeswax is sourced locally from various producers in northern VT.  Give it a sniff - you can smell the honey!  

    Use sparingly; a half teaspoon is about the right amount for a 30' rope.  Rub a little on the surface of the rope, then wrap it around a solid object (a round bedpost is perfect) and twist the rope around itself a couple of times.  Using a back and forth motion, work your way down the length of the rope to evenly distribute the wax.  Then enjoy your refreshed and rejuvenated rope.