- Canadian Organic Sunflower oil
- Désirables’ exclusive fragrance : Omeha
- Premium Essential oils: red mandarin, pink grapefruit, rosewood, bergamot, Ylang-Ylang

Désirables Omeha Organic Massage Oil

  • Tired of greasy, sugary massage oils that need a good shower after every session to be removed? We were too, that's why we created our own. This essential massage accessory will allow your hands, or the tools you are using, to easily glide on the skin. Making you feel like you are receiving, or giving, a massage worthy of royalty.

    Désirables’ sumptuous massage oil is made from organic canadian sunflower oil and has the best essential oils we could find! Its texture is soft and silky, while being very light and will leave your skin soft and hydrated rather than greasy. The scents are subtle, but captivating thanks to the mix of gentle citrus and ylang-ylang aromas.