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earth and salt

Wine and Cheese

Come Party and Learn
at E+S!

Celebrate with your bffs, your loves, and your lovers in style with a private party or private workshop at Earth and Salt! Perfect for birthday parties, pre-wedding celebrations, divorces, graduation parties, or whatever else you're celebrating in your life.  

Submit your booking request now, or read more below.

Private Event Options

We currently offer two options:


Private Parties: The store is yours and your besties' for two hours! Come celebrate together while the store is closed to the public. Bring snacks and drinks, ask questions of our expert staff, and enjoy a totally unique celebratory experience. 


Private Workshop and Shopping Session: Enjoy a private workshop with your friends and lovers on sex and pleasure with Beth Hankes, sex educator and owner of Earth and Salt. After the workshop, your group can hang out, shop, and ask questions of our expert staff.

Submit your booking request here.


The Details


Private parties require a deposit of $100, and the $100 will be applied to the purchase of the person of your choosing (typically the person being celebrated, or the person booking the event). 

Private workshops have a flat fee of $100, which is not applicable towards purchases.


You may bring alcohol and snacks to enjoy with your group. The person who books the private event will be responsible for your group's responsible drinking, and safe commute to and from the store.



If you do need to cancel or reschedule your event, let us know at your earliest convenience. Parties or workshops cancelled within 72 hours of the planned date will not be refunded.


We require all attendees to provide proof of vaccination, but masks will not be required for attendees during the event. Staff will be masked the entire time.

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