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Trying to Decode Your Desires? Try a Yes No Maybe List!

Want to delve deeper into your truest sexual desires? Taking the time to figure out what you want, and how, can make negotiating your sexual experiences easier. "Yes No Maybe" Lists are helpful tools for figuring out what you are interested in sexually, whether you want to give or receive a given activity, and what extra enhancements would make the experience extra enjoyable for you.

Our Yes No Maybe list, downloadable below, provides a list of various types of touch, activity, and atmospheres. Consider each, and respond to each option as a yes, no, or maybe. Circle "G" if you enjoy giving the specific option, or "R" if you enjoy receiving that option.

Add comments and customize the list as you wish! This is a guide for communicating interests and pleasures, and is intended to enhance, not prescribe. And, you may find that revisiting this list every five years or so gives you new and helpful insights about your current desires.

Earth and Salt_Yes No Maybe List
Download PDF • 99KB

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