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The Rose - A Suction Toy With More than Meets the Eye

The first thing I do when I get a new sex toy is charge it, and the buttery soft silicone INYA Rose sure looks pretty sitting on its charger on my nightstand. I like that this toy can serve as both a pleasure provider and night stand decoration.

But onto the real rumbly review. Though this rose looks delicate, it provides powerful suction-style stimulation. The lowest vibration was too strong for direct stimulation on my sensitive clitoris but I was pleasantly surprised at the yummy indirect clitoral stimulation I got from it.

Most of my suction toys only have the hole that’s meant to fit over the clitoris. This toy has that, plus layers of petals that make for a larger surface area. The suction hole is also bigger than my other toys, making it more accessible to more bodies.

I was actually happy that the direct stimulation was too strong for me because it encouraged me to use the larger surface area to my advantage - massaging, stimulating, and titillating more areas than just my external clitoris.

Just be aware that you have to spend a little more time cleaning your toy so you can get into all of those petal folds. Speaking of cleaning, the rose is water resistant, aka splash proof, so you may not want to submerge it in the tub during play time.

The rose nestles perfectly in the palm of my hand but since it’s on the shorter size, it’s not the easiest reach for these short arms of mine. Nothing some pillows under my hips couldn’t fix, but something to be mindful of in case you need or prefer extra length on your toy.

If you’re on the sensitive side and looking for direct clitoral stimulation, this might not be the toy for you. But if you are looking for stronger clitoral stimulation or a chance to explore more erogenous zones (nipples, inner thighs, labia, etc.) the Rose would be a great toy to expand your pleasure experience.


About the Author

Sarah Diedrick is a writer, yoga teacher and sex educator. Her work centers around embodiment and pleasure positivity. Sarah is also the creator of Sex Ed Book Club, a free monthly meetup to discuss all things sex and sexuality.


Instagram: @sarahdiedrick


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