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The Big Wide World of Wearable Vibrators

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

The category of “vibrator” is so immense, isn’t it? From bullets, to g-spot, to anal, to wearable, to shareable, there are SO many options. I want to help you choose a vibrator that’s perfect for you, so I’ll be breaking down the different vibrator categories in my "Love Your Vibe" series. You can use these posts as resources for you as you search and shop for vibes.


Let’s start with a category that gets a lot of excitement and curiosity from folks - wearable vibrators!

Wearable vibrators are toys that can give you (and often your partner) pleasure without needing to use your hand to physically hold the toy in place. This is possible because the toys are designed to fit in anatomical structures so that your muscles or physiology do the work of holding the toy in place. Incredible, right? This is a major benefit for anyone who has challenges with hand mobility, carpal tunnel, arthritis, and, they can also be a fun way to expand your repertoire of creating pleasure for yourself and others.

From the overall category of wearable vibes, there are two sub categories; toys for extended wear, and toys for use during sex (solo or partnered). The primary difference between the two is that toys for extended wear can be worn discreetly in and out of the bedroom, whereas the toys for use during sex are shaped in such a way that they’d be difficult to wear outside of the bedroom. This is either because they would not stay in place while standing upright, or, that their shape would be noticeable under garments.

Toys in both categories have major benefits, so let’s talk some specifics!


Toys for Extended Wear

We-Vibe Jive

Excitement All Day Long for Vagina-Owners

The We-Vibe Jive is a long-wearing, super smooth, whisper-quiet toy for vagina-owners that offers discreet play anywhere you want to go. The internal vibrator (the larger end pictured above) is inserted vaginally, while the bendy, smaller arm rests externally against the body. The muscles of the vagina will hold the vibrator in place, no matter how you move. And the vibrations, 10 modes in total, can be controlled either by a button on the external arm, or remotely with the We-Vibe app.

Use the Jive solo or partnered, in the bedroom or out, in water or out, and any time you want a boost of excitement that only you (and you partner) know about.


We-Vibe Moxie

Smooth and Stimulating Panty Vibe for Vulva-owners

The Moxie by We-Vibe is a premium panty vibe; silky smooth and app-connected. This vibrator can be worn in your undies, clipped in place by the small magnetic disk. Comfortable and quiet, this is another entry from We-Vibe that allows you to take your pleasure on the road; to the store, to a night out, or to your lover's bed. And with 2 hours of play per charge, and up to 4 hours of play with the extended sleep mode, the Moxie will keep the excitement going, going, and going.


B-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug

Your Booty's Best Friend for Extended Play

The B-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug straddles the line between long-term wearability and use primarily during sex. These plugs, coming in multiple sizes, are designed for long-term wear. The long, thin neck allows for comfort and flexibility while moving, and lets the larger end sit comfortably (and firmly) within your booty. The tip holds both a vibrator and weight, providing a truly sensational sense of fullness and stimulation.

So these discreet booty toys are perfect for wearing out and about, BUT, the one reason this toy isn't firmly in the long-term wear category is that you can only turn on the vibrator or switch modes from the base of the toy. You can mix and match your type of play through the day, or, leave the vibrations for more private settings.


Wearable Toys for Use During Sex

Dame Eva

A Hands-Free Clit Vibe

The Dame Eva is one of the most unique toys on the market, even in the highly innovative field of wearable vibes. This is because the Eva is a waterproof vibrator that provides clitoral stimulation, HANDS-FREE. The flexible, soft arms snuggle under the lips of your labia and hold the toy place*. If you want to get a bit adventurous, with a lover, or grinding against the Eva, it only requires a finger to help hold it in place. If you love using a vibe during penetrative sex, this rechargeable and waterproof dynamo may be an excellent addition to your toy chest.

*n.b. - the Eva is best suited to folks who have labia on the thicker and/or longer side. This is most female-bodied folks, but if you know your labia are on the more petite side, check out the Chorus below for another hands-free option.


We-Vibe Chorus

A Hands-Free Stimulating Triple Threat

The We-Vibe Chorus is a luxury addition to a couple's penetrative pleasures. This 10-mode wearable vibrator sits comfortably in the vagina (the slimmer section pictured above), and stimulates the g-spot, the clitoris, and the penis of the male-bodied member of the couple. That's right, you can wear this vibrator and still experience penetration by a partner (swooooooon). This vibe can be controlled either by a squeezable remote (no fumbling with buttons here), or the We-Vibe app. Talk about power in your hands, and in your pussy.


Fun Factory Cobra Libre II

A Wearable Penis Toy for Just About Any Situation

Not to be left out, there's a wearable option for all my penis-owner friends out there! The Cobra Libre II enfolds the sensitive head of the penis in velvety silicone and rumbling vibrations. Far from the high-pitched buzz of, say, the average vibrating cock ring, this penis head vibrator treats you to a deep purr that reverberates through your hot spots. Better yet, the two motors bounce vibration off of each other, for a light suction feeling. No need to thrust, squeeze, or stroke: just lie back and enjoy, hands-free.

That hands-free capability, combined with the design of the toy, opens up so many amazing options; reach-around stimulation during anal sex, a partner climbing on top and grinding against the silicone sheath, or stimulation for those folks who can't get or maintain an erection. This toy is incredibly versatile, and a great option for solo or partnered sex.


That's it for now! Have more questions? Want more guidance? Feel free to reach out to or come by the store!

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