The Big Wide World of Wearable Vibrators

The category of “vibrator” is so immense, isn’t it? From bullets, to g-spot, to anal, to wearable, to shareable, there are SO many options. I want to help you choose a vibrator that’s perfect for you, so I’ll be breaking down the different vibrator categories in my "Love Your Vibe" series. You can use these posts as resources for you as you search and shop for vibes.

Let’s start with a category that gets a lot of excitement and curiosity from folks - wearable vibrators!

Wearable vibrators are toys that can give you (and often your partner) pleasure without needing to use your hand to physically hold the toy in place. This is possible because the toys are designed to fit in anatomical structures so that your muscles or physiology do the work of holding the toy in place. Incredible, right? This is a major benefit for anyone who has challenges with hand mobility, carpal tunnel, arthritis, and, they can also be a fun way to expand your repertoire of creating pleasure for yourself and others.

From the overall category of wearable vibes, there are two sub categories; toys for extended wear, and toys for use during sex (solo or partnered). The primary difference between the two is that toys for extended wear can be worn discreetly in and out of the bedroom, whereas the toys for use during sex are shaped in such a way that they’d be difficult to wear outside of the bedroom. This is either because they would not stay in place while standing upright, or, that their shape would be noticeable under garments.

Toys in both categories have major benefits, so let’s talk some specifics!