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Tenga Spinner Review: Spin Me Around, Again and Again

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Today's post is from Tyrone Davis Jr., a sexuality educator and Broadway actor based in New York City. Learn more about his sex ed offerings at the end of the review, on his website, or on his Instagram.


I’m sorry, but I can’t help but to open this review with a few fitting lyrics from Dead Or Alive’s 1985 classic hit:

You spin me right’ round, baby

Right ‘round like record, baby

Right round, round, round!

SPINNER, a collection of manual penis strokers, made by Tenga, definitely spun me ‘round.

Winning the 2019 Red Dot Design award - which is based on innovation, functionality, ergonomics, ecology and durability - I can %1000 confirm-- this toy is a bonafide winner.

It is designed with an all-new internal coil mechanism, which provides an incredible twisting and suction sensation to the penis.

Tenga Spinner

There are six different varieties - Tetra, Hex, Shell, Pixel, Beads, Brick - each designed with its own unique internal coil pattern, providing different sensations for each.

Being a toy user that is drawn to toys that don’t look like anatomical body parts, I was very pleased with the simple, and somewhat artistic aesthetic of the Spinner .

The stroker comes with a compact, hard-plastic storing case (which also serves as a mini drying rack for the toy after cleansing!). The material of the toy is made of a soft elastomer, which, with some good water-based lube, suctions itself to the skin as it’s being stroked up and down. The internal design of the material is immensely stimulating to the head and shaft of the penis, and the innovative coiling mechanism firmly, but pleasurably, twists the material as it’s stroking, simulating a feeling very similar to oral stimulation. I used this toy in solo play, but it could certainly be used for enhanced fun in partner play as well.

Given the dizzying pleasure that the SPINNER provided - along with its stellar design and surprisingly low cost ($27!) - I am proud to say that I now own this toy. I highly recommend it to penis owners looking to be spun right ‘round. ;-)


About the Author

Tyrone (he/him) is a sexuality educator and Broadway actor. He is currently studying at the Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment. His work and interests include and revolve around sexual freedom, sexual agency, Black liberation, Queer liberation, body acceptance, and self-intimacy. He believes in the inherent worth of all bodies, and views sex, movement, art, food, nature, relationships, and community as powerful healing agents. Tyrone lives in New York City on the land of the Lenape People. Learn more about Tyrone's work at You can also follow him on IG at @tyronedavisjr.

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