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Suction Toys: Everything You Wanted to Know about these Pleasure Wonders

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Suction toys aren't your grandmother’s sex toy… (well, maybe they are - we're here for all you sexy seniors!) These toys are a fairly new technology in the sex toy field, and we are so happy they’re here.

Clitoral suction toys were first debuted in 2014 by the Womanizer brand. In less than 10 years these toys have taken over social media, and the adult industry, as little pleasure wonders. Maybe you’ve seen the Inya Rose around TikTok, or read our friend’s review of the beautiful product.


So what’s so special about these toys? Air pressure. Suction toys use air pressure to deliver bursts of air that create pulsing suction, which can be directed to the clitoris, as designed, or any stimulative area on the body that you’d like. And why does suction feel oh so good? Because it’s more than just surface level.

If you didn’t know, the clitoris is like an iceberg. The tip is… just the tip. Suction toys heighten sensitivity in the clitoris by increasing blood flow to the area through air flow and pressure manipulation. Also, while traditional vibrators in the bullet or wand style are pressed against the clitoris, suction toys envelope the clitoris to stimulate both the external and internal clitoris rather than just the tip, for what can best be described as a intense stimulation and deeper orgasm for those folks who can experience orgasm.

Bonus fun fact: The clitoris is the only human organ whose sole purpose is pleasure!


Clitoral suction toys are, as named, typically made for people with clitorises. But as with most toys, they can be used in numerous ways that range far beyond their advertised purpose. With a suction toy, you can add variety to your play by using the toy on your nipples, finger tips, or another sensitive area!

If you're down to try the intense delight that suction toys provide, you’ll definitely enjoy browsing our favorites.

Some suction toys focus just on the suction, like the budget-friendly Satisfyer Pro 2, the sleek Dame Aer, and the powerful LELO Sona 2 while some toys also provide surface-level vibrations, like our fan favorite VeDO Suki (check out its ergonomic finger-hold design too). And if you like it INTENSE, check out the LELO Enigma, which has a vibrating insertable arm for vaginal pleasure, while the outside mouth of the toy envelopes the clitoris.


Now when trying a new type of toy, you may have some hesitations or questions. Maybe you’ve heard some stuff on the internet and wanna know what’s true. So let’s play mythbusters real quick.

Does suction hurt? It shouldn't, but, with any sexual activity, unwanted pain is a sign that something's off, so discontinue use if your suction toy starts to hurt or feel uncomfortable. The air pressure creates a mild suction sensation, so it won’t feel like a vacuum is pulling on your clit. The clitoris is sensitive to say the least, and if the sensation is uncomfortable, it may be that direct suction is too strong of a sensation. That’s okay. Try gently hovering the toy just above your clitoris for more mild suction, or test it out on your vulva and other sensitive spots. Remember, what works for some people doesn’t work for others, so find what works for you and your body, and enjoy.

Does “one size fit all?” All bodies are different. Thankfully, all toys are different too. Because suction toys have a “mouth” to hug your clitoris, rather than the wide rounded head of a traditional wand vibrator, some toys are better suited for some bodies. If you have a larger clitoris, opt for a suction toy that can take all of you. Like the Inya Rose, Dame Aer, or Satisfyer Pro 2. On the other end of the spectrum? Check out the Lelo Sona or VeDO Suki.

Does it feel like oral sex? It depends on the oral sex you’re receiving, but unfortunately, probably not. Some suction toy fanatics say these toys mimic oral sex, and they can certainly provide a similar sucking sensation to a mouth. But no silicone can replace a warm tongue, in its variety of touch or its softness. At least not in this century!


You’ve got your toy, now how do you… use it? It’s easy, charge the toy to full battery, and turn on the toy. Most suction toys are better with lube; we love Slippery Stuff water-based gel lube which is safe to use with all different materials of toys, and is easy to clean up.

Then get to exploring - experiment with different patterns and modes on the toy, as well as different placements on your body. For the most intense stimulation, seperate the vulva lips and place the mouth of the toy directly on your clitoris. Oh my, right?

As with all toys, clean and care is important for the toy’s and your health. Because suction toys have mouths, give extra attention to cleaning every nook and cranny when you've finished. Unscented soap and warm water should do the trick, but you can also use toy cleaner for that extra level of cleanliness.

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