Sexy Essentials for Summer 2021

Summer-like weather has set in early in Vermont, and the hope of a somewhat-normal summer here has me excited. People! Hugs! Parties! Dinner out! Travel!


Me, making my first restaurant reservation.

I hope you're feeling the summer vibe setting in by you too, wherever you are. As you get ready to be out, go out, and make out, I thought you might enjoy a little guide to make your summer a sexy one.

Dame Stash Toy and Travel Bag

This sweet little storage pouch for toys and accessories is perfect for weekend getaways and sexy rendezvous far afield. Not only is it cute and compact, it's got multiple pockets on the interior to organize your condoms, lube, and charge cords. While small at 6" x 9", it's still roomy enough for multiple toys and accessories. All of that good good for only $30.

Naked Silk 2 oz Lube

When traveling, it's easy to rely on hotels or friends for shampoo and conditioner. But don't forget this essential in your travel bag - Naked Silk 2 0z lube. 2 oz bottles of lube are perfect to keep in your travel bag, and this water-silicone hybrid lube will last you longer than a traditional water-based lube. Pack one bottle, and be ready all summer longer.

LELO Toy Cleaning Spray

To go along with your stash of lube, stash a small bottle of toy cleaning spray alongside. Toy cleaner is great for everyday use, but extra useful when traveling. Toys are best cleaned with antibacterial, unscented soap, but most hotels only stock scented soap. So this little bottle is your best friend for toy care away from home.

Tenga Stroking Eggs

These small, one-time use stroking eggs are perfect to throw in a travel bag. To use, simply unwrap, add the enclosed pouch of lube and indulge yourself in knee-trembling sensations with the super-tactile sleeves. Each egg comes with it's own different internal texture, from soft ridges, to dots, to a webbed edge, to silky waves. It's an excellent extra for your next night with your male-bodied lover, all for just $7 each.

Fun Factory Vibrators with Travel Lock

Fun Factory specializes in smart, sexy, deeply pleasing toys. Another benefit of many of their vibrators is that they come with a travel lock function. This allows you to "lock" the toy from accidentally turning on - key when going through airport security, or going through your carry on bag next to your seatmate. Any of the above vibrators include this functionality, and if you're scanning the site, just look for their vibes that include the three programming buttons on the base of the toy.

Now you're ready for this summer! ENJOY, make merry, and get busy!


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