Ghosting: We Might All Do It, But We Can Do Better

Updated: Mar 19

Ahhh, good ole ghosting.

In simple terms, ghosting is disappearing from a conversation or a connection without telling the other person that you’re not going to respond or engage anymore. The other person is then left wondering if something tragic happened to you, if they said something wrong that you turned you off, or if you just got bored or emotionally unavailable and are not interested in communicating anymore. Ghosting is unfortunately a super common behavior we see with folks using dating apps. It’s confusing. It sucks. So many of us feel this...yet so many of us still do this to others, despite knowing it doesn’t feel great when it’s done to us. This is what I like to refer to as “the ghosting feedback loop from hell.”

We think to ourselves “Oh, it’s just one person. What’s