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Dame Products Pom Review - Accessible, Expansive, and Fluid

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Today's post is from the dynamic duo at Queer Sex Ed Community Curriculum, Al Albertson and Heather Welty. Learn more about their important work at the end of the review, on their website, or on their Instagram.


Dame Products Pom

The Dame Pom is a big softy that packs a surprising punch. ✨🌿

We picked this toy because of its innovative shape and suitability for all bodies. Its lack of internal structure allows it to fit comfortably to your body both alone, and/or with a partner in a very different way than most other egg-shaped vibrators we’ve tried.

We were particularly drawn to the Dame Pom for its unique and intentionally non-phallic design. Vibrations can feel good to every kind of body; there’s so much pleasure in the accessibility of this toy. We love the beautiful neutrality of this little egg and know that it can be used comfortably and excitedly by a variety of folks of different genders and sexual orientations.

Dame is so quiet which makes it the perfect toy for folks who may have less privacy than usual due to their COVID-19 living situation. The Dame Pom is a perfect travel toy, something fun to bring along to dates (in the future where in-person dating exists again), play sessions with partners (due to the squishy nature of the toy it fits great between bodies), or to use in places where the loud buzz of a magic wand may not be the most appropriate or convenient.

The vibrations start off gentle so this could be a great toy for folks who are sensitive however, don’t be fooled the high vibration setting certainly is high. Easily adjustable between patterns and intensity, the Dame Pom is both easy to use and highly personalizable.

If you are looking for a super intense, non-flexible, wand-like sensation this may not be the toy for you as the vibrations are not as intense as a wand. If you’re sensitive, love edging or teasing, or a slightly softer stimulation with plenty of rumbles and surprises, this toy might be just the thing for you!


About the Authors

Al Albertson and Healther Welty run the Queer Sex Ed Community Curriculum, a free sexual and relational health curriculum for young people and adults. The Curriculum strives to be pleasure-centered, trauma-informed, queer inclusive, and socially accountable. QSECC also attempts to disrupt the established hierarchy of validation of knowledge by purposefully uplifting the voices and knowledge of those who may not have access to institutions of higher education, degrees, years of experience, the body, or the background typically endowed with epistemic authority (or the power to create truths).

Visit their site below for their latest zines on an array of topics!

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