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Dame Aer Review: A Super Satisfying Suction Toy

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Today's post is from the dynamic duo at Queer Sex Ed Community Curriculum, Al Albertson and Heather Welty. Learn more about their important work at the end of the review, on their website, or on their Instagram.


The sex toy industry is no stranger to innovation, especially in recent years as more women/queer run companies have gained serious traction. Over the past few years, suction toys have been sweeping the market with clitoris-owning folks, boasting orgasm in record time. So let’s talk suction!

First a bit about the Dame Aer. Like most suction toys, this aerodynamic soft toy uses pulses of suction to stimulate the clitoris and simulate an oral, sucking-like sensation. This toy softly seals around the clitoris and has a much wider mouth than many other suction toys, making the shape more accessible for more bodies/sizes/shapes! This toy has five speeds and patterns so there’s plenty of variation in the sensation while keeping operation simple for you and/or your partner. If you want more of an oral-like sensation, a little bit of water-based lubricant is a great addition to the sensation of these toys, plus it’s a fun way to switch it up.

As far as the battery goes, this toy is fully recharged in two hours through magnetic USB, the battery lasts for 1.5hrs on max intensity. The toy is louder than some other suction toys so be prepared for a bit of sound as it is not a near-silent toy like other Dame products (e.g. the Dame Pom). Regardless of the sound (which most suction toys have) this toy has converted us to suction as a mode of self-pleasure!

Al’s take: I must admit, to start I was a bit skeptical of this toy. I love Dame’s products but my go-to sex toy is usually a wand style vibrator. The one time I used a suction toy (which will go unnamed) I was disappointed by how the toy sealed and the limited settings of the suction. This was not the case with this toy. Not only does it work exactly as advertised (easy intense orgasms), this toy slightly larger than most suction toys with a great handle, making it easier to hold and “aim” the “mouth” of the toy. The opening or "mouth" is larger than other suction toys and oval-shaped as opposed to a circle which allows easier coverage of more surface area, fitting more sizes and shapes of bodies. A final, lovely detail- the toy itself is butter soft made with high quality, medical-grade waterproof silicone. Overall even with a tiny bit of a learning curve to figure out how to best utilize this toy’s awesome suction powers, within two uses I was an Aer Pro.

Heather’s take: Not gonna lie, as someone completely new to suction toys I was very intimidated by this toy. But that intimidation vanished about 10 seconds into playing around with the Dame Aer - it literally became my go-to after the first try. This toy is easy to use, completely customizable, and super enticing. The soft and sleek body combined with the variations of speed and intensity makes this little suction toy impossible to put away. I was so sad when it ran out of battery (which, mind you, took quite a few hours).

Hot-tip 1: This toy is great for clitoral stimulation but, feel free to experiment with suction on different parts of the body. Due to its shape, this toy lends itself very well to nipple stimulation!

Hot-tip 2: If you want a more “oral-like” sensation, add a bit of water-based lubricant to slick up your experience!


About the Authors

Al Albertson and Healther Welty run the Queer Sex Ed Community Curriculum, a free sexual and relational health curriculum for young people and adults. The Curriculum strives to be pleasure-centered, trauma-informed, queer inclusive, and socially accountable. QSECC also attempts to disrupt the established hierarchy of validation of knowledge by purposefully uplifting the voices and knowledge of those who may not have access to institutions of higher education, degrees, years of experience, the body, or the background typically endowed with epistemic authority (or the power to create truths).

Visit their site below for their latest zines on an array of topics!

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