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Posted: 11/9/2022




Our Retail and Education Associates are our front line folks who create a welcoming and supportive environment for our customers. Our Associates are comfortable in a retail environment, skilled at learning about a wide range of products, and can engage with a wide range of folks on topics related to sex, sexuality, gender, and relationships. Main tasks include:


  • Greet customers in our brick and mortar store in downtown Burlington

  • Provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for folks of all identities

  • Maintain a clean and organized store

  • Unpack, label, and intake inventory into our inventory management system

  • Process online orders for pickup and shipment

  • Answer questions and provide guidance on a wide range of products

  • Support events and private parties


While those are the main tasks, you will also have the opportunity to get on the job sex product and sex education training, meet sex educators and community members, and contribute to a quickly-growing business. 



  • Welcoming - you know the importance of a first impression, and are glad to connect with our customers face to face in our brick and mortar store

  • Eager - you want to know all the things; know about products, know about sexuality, know about relationships, and how they all intertwine

  • Invested in sex positivity - sex positivity is the basis of Earth and Salt; it is the key to thriving in the business, and to helping the business thrive. You want to support people in their sexual wellness journeys, and are ready and able to meet people wherever they’re at.

  • Low judgment - I won’t say no judgment, because that’s not a fair expectation, but you recognize your biases and comfort zones, and don’t put any of your stuff on our customers. You honor the wide spectrum of interests and experiences our customers will bring to you through conversation and questions.

  • Able to learn on the job - you are adept at picking up a variety of types of information (product, theory, processes), and skilled at retaining that information

  • Comfort with technology - you are comfortable working with iPads, mobile devices, apps, POS systems (we use Square), Google Workspace, and adaptable to pick up new technologies

  • Self-motivated - as E+S is a retail store, the level of activity in a day can ebb and flow. You are comfortable with changes in pace throughout the day, managing your assigned work with limited direction, and identifying areas of opportunity within the store 

  • Background in sex education, therapy, social services, and/or retail

  • Experience with content creation, blog writing, email newsletters, customer service and/or metric creation and tracking is also of major value

  • 7-20 hours a week (1-3 days); availability on weekends and evenings



  • Serious about pleasure

  • Serious about social justice

  • Inclusive

  • Supportive

  • Creative

  • Evolving


I take hiring folks as a chance to make an investment in individuals, an investment in Vermont, and an investment in creating a business that generates positive change. We have fun in the shop, and we’re also serious about opening up avenues of pleasure and social justice within our communities. 



This is a part-time W-2 role, starting at $16-18/hour. Benefits include:

  • Yearly raises in January, if the person has been employed 3+ months at the start of January

  • 12 unpaid days off per year

    • Requests require approval, and not all requests may be approved

    • Employees can trade shifts as needed as well

  • On the job product and sex education training from trained sex educators

  • Attend events at the store for free (if not working the event)

  • 20% personal discount on all products

  • One free product in the months of February, August, and December

to apply

Send your resume and a brief introduction (no formal cover letter needed) about yourself and your interest in the role to

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