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Sexual Wellness 

Welcome to the modern adult store. Earth and Salt takes a holistic, inclusive approach to sex and pleasure. We believe creating a daily connection to physical pleasure, sensuality, and sex is a transformative process, individually and collectively. We can't wait to help you increase your enjoyment of your body, your sexual experiences, and your life.

SOCIAL justice

We believe in individual healing for collective progress. In support of this, we commit to a number of business practices; offering a de-gendered array of sex toys, maintaining a vendor roster that is a majority woman, Black, Indigenous, and Person of Color owned businesses, and providing eco-friendly product options. We want every purchase made at Earth + Salt to promote good in this wild world of ours.

our ultimate goal is to see all people free

to live in their pleasure


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about us

A modern adult store based in Burlington, VT, the homeland of the Abenaki Tribe. We promote a holistic and pleasure-centered perspective on sex and pleasure, and create social justice through healing, community, and fair business practices. Read more.

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