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The New Modern Adult Store

Our ultimate goal is to see all people free to live in their pleasure. Our approach to pleasure is holistic and inclusive, as we know that pleasure is possible for everyone, but it looks different from person to person. We also believe that creating a daily connection to physical pleasure, sensuality, and sex is a transformative process, individually and collectively. 

We sell a curated array of body-safe products that enable our customers to center themselves in their bodies, access their pleasure, and confirm sex and desire as parts of a healthy lifestyle. 

Doing Better


As part of our commitment to pleasure for all, Earth and Salt is also committed to social justice as an intrinsic part of our mission. As such we de-gender the sex toy store model, affirm individuals in their identities through our product and class offerings, and support businesses and sex educators from historically marginalized groups. 

Our vendor roster is always 50% or more businesses owned by individuals from historically marginalized groups.

We also donate a percent of sales every month to the
BIPOC Urban Farm and Wholeness Center in Winooski, VT.

Power and Healing


Our educational courses build upon our product offering, covering all aspects of pleasure, sexuality, and relationships.


We know that sex and pleasure is not a silo, but a part of our daily lives. By focusing on contextualizing sex and pleasure, we can help you connect to your sexuality and sensuality, identify areas of desired change in your experiences, and create that change.

About the FOUNDER




Beth Hankes is the Founder and CEO of Earth and Salt and sex education certificate student at the Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment. Her path to find herself after years of self-repression and sexual questioning inspired her to open Earth and Salt. Through providing body safe and affirming sex toys, and inclusive and contextualized sex education, she will help folks return to their innate sensuality and sexuality, whatever that looks like for them. She looks forward to breaking stereotypes, providing vital sex education to the masses, championing other business owners and sexuality professionals, and developing a business where all are welcome and historically marginalized folks are uplifted and supported.